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The Care Economy and Women's Unpaid Work
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Report of the Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights: Unpaid Care Work and Women's Human Rights 2012
Valuing and Compensating Caregivers for their Contributions to Community Health and Development in the context of HIV and AIDS: An Agenda for Action 2010
Compensation for Contributions Report on Interviews with Volunteer Care-Givers in Six Countries 2009
Expanding the Care Continuum for HIV/AIDS: Bringing Carers Into Focus 2006
The Implications of HIV and AIDS on Women’s Unpaid Labour Burden 2010
A Gendered Analysis of the Burden of Care on Family and Volunteer Caregivers in Uganda and South Africa 2004
The Care Economy: Gender and the Silent AIDS Crisis in Southern Africa 2006
The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Women Care Givers in Situations of Poverty: policy Issues 2005
Stronger together: supporting the vital role played by older people in the fight 2008
"It's like giving birth to the sick person for the second time" 2007
Women, girls, HIV/AIDS and the world of work 2004
Missing Mothers 2006
Lending a Caring Hand: Tips for Home Health Care 2005
Cost Study of Home-based Care Programs in South Africa 2005
Field-testing Costing Guidelines for Home-based Care 2005
The Cost of Love 2004
Coping with Love: Older People and HIV/AIDS in Thailand 2005
Forgotten Families 2003
HIV/AIDS and Older Persons 2002
Care, Women and AIDS 2004
Caring for Carers 2002
Health Impacts of Co-residence with and Caregiving to Persons with HIV/AIDS 2002
Why Should We Care About Unpaid Care Work? 2004
Progress of the World's Women 2000 2000
Brainstorm Workshop on ILO/UNIFEM Programme on The Care Economy, HIV/AIDS and the World of Work: Summary Report 2001