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Legislation and Policy
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HIV and the Law: Risks, Rights and Health 2012
An Action Guide for Gender Equality in National HIV Plans Catalyzing Change through Evidence-based Advocacy 2011
Commission on the Status of Women Resolution 55th Session: Agreed Conclusions 2011
Commission on the Status of Women Resolution 55th Session: Women, the Girl Child and HIV and AIDS 2011
HIV Priorities for Positive Change: In Women's Words 2011
Progress of the World's Women: In Pursuit of Justice 2011
Linkages Between Gender, AIDS, and Development 2010
Framework for Women, Girls and Gender Equality in National Strategic Plans on HIV and AIDS in Southern and Eastern Africa 2010
Integrating Gender in Policy Implementation Barriers Analysis: A Methodology 2009
What’s the budget? Where’s the staff? Moving from Policy to Practice 2010
Promoting Gender Equality in HIV and AIDS Responses: Making Aid More Effective 2008
Make it Matter -- 10 Key Advocacy Messages to Prevent HIV in Girls and Young Women 2007
Women, Girls & HIV/AIDS - Advocacy Note 2004
What Gets Measured Matters: Is violence against women on the HIV and AIDS funding agenda? 2008
HIV/AIDS and Women: A Collection of Resources to Support Policy and Advocacy on HIV/AIDS 2008 2008
With Women Worldwide: A Compact to End HIV/AIDS 2007
Unprotected Women: Gender and the Legal Dimensions of HIV/AIDS 2004
U.S. Global AIDS Policy Undermining HIV Prevention 2005
Debunking The Myths in the U.S. Global AIDS 2004
Participation and Policy Making: Our Rights 2004
Draft of Arusha Commitment on Gender and HIV 2003
Mainstreaming Gender into Kenyan National HIV/AIDS Strategy Plan 2002
Gender and HIV/AIDS: Leadership Roles in Social Mobilization 2000
Empower Women, Halt HIV/AIDS 2002
Report of the Expert Group Meeting on the HIV/AIDS Pandemic and its Gender Implications 2000
Commission on the Status of Women: Report of the Forty-Fifth Session (E/2001/27) 2001
Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS - UN General Assembly Resolution A/RES/S-26/2 2001