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Gender, Sexuality and Power Relations
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Gender and sexuality: emerging perspectives from the heterosexual epidemic in South Africa and implications for HIV risk and prevention 2012
Sexuality and the limits of agency among South African teenage women: theorizing femininities and their connections to HIV risk practices 2012
When Masculinity Interferes with Women's Treatment of HIV Infection: A Qualitative Study About Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy in Zimbabwe 2011
Approaches to Gender and Sexuality: Responding to HIV 2011
Re-Sexualising the Epidemic: Desire, Risk and HIV Prevention 2004
Love, Marriage and HIV: A Multisite Ethnographic Study of Gender and HIV Risk 2004
The Vulnerability and Invisibility of Women Before HIV/AIDS 2002
Attitudes to Sexuality and Family Planning 1998
Annotated Bibliography: Sexuality and Human Rights 2002
Gender, Sexuality, and HIV/AIDS: The What, the Why, and the How 2000
Power in Sexual Relationships: An Opening Dialogue among Reproductive Health Professionals 2001