Poverty, Gender, and Youth - First Generation of Gender and HIV Programs: Seeking Clarity and Synergy PDF Print E-mail

AUTHORS: J. Bruce, N. Haberland, A. Joyce, E. Roca, and T. Sapiano
DATE: 2011
PUBLISHER: Population Council

In the past decade, there have been expanding resources to address the underlying gender dimensions of HIV. This has been particularly urgent in sub-Saharan Africa as the female-tomale infection ratios in young populations has reached 3 to 1 and sometimes above. The phrase ―gender and HIV‖ has become commonplace yet does not provide any specific guidance as to target audiences, content, or measurable results. It can include everything from microcredit programs for HIV-positive women to workplace programs seeking to change negative male norms, to efforts to increase respect for diverse sexual and gender identities. This review mines the first generation of programs to provide an empirical foundation to inform a next generation.  

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