Dignity Denied: Violations of the Rights of HIV-Positive Women in Chilean Health Facilities PDF Print E-mail

AUTHOR: Center for Reproductive Rights, Vivo Positivo
DATE: 2010
PUBLISHER: Center for Reproductive Rights

This report explores obstacles to quality care that women counter in healthcare facilities, including, lack of pre- and post-test counseling, breaches of confidentiality, discriminatory and abusive treatment, discrimination around motherhood, and coercive and forced sterilization. Section One provides an overview of the factors that contribute to Chilean women’s risk of contracting HIV. Section Two discusses HIV-positive women’s experience in Chilean healthcare facilities, as well as some of the structural barriers that impede access to quality healthcare services and the repercussions of discriminatory healthcare treatment. Section Three provides an overview of legal and human rights implications of the rights violations identifies in the report. Section Four offers recommendations to stakeholders based on the findings of the report.

Article can be accessed on-line here in PDF format.

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