Sexual and Gender-Based Violence against Refugees, Returnees and IDPs PDF Print E-mail

AUTHOR: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
DATE: 2003

The 158-page book is a revision of the first edition published in 1995. While the original version focused on issues related to sexual violence like rape, the revised guidelines have been expanded to include other forms of gender-based violence like trafficking, domestic violence, female genital mutilation and demands for sexual favours in exchange for offers of services or assistance. The new publication offers practical advice on how to address the problem of sexual violence against refugee women and girls. It recommends that refugees participate centrally in the design and implementation of programmes to prevent and respond to sexual and gender-based violence. Such programmes include rights-awareness training among refugees and decision-makers in the camps. The book also offers tips on how to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of these programmes. The guidelines detail the various responses needed to help victims, including meeting the need for legal redress and providing access to medical and counseling support. These guidelines are intended for use by all humanitarian and development partners working with refugees and other displaced populations.

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