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AUTHOR: Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation
DATE: 2007
PUBLISHER: Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation

"Ndizvo Zvandiri" is 30-minute film that aims to promote advocacy in prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT), and encourage disclosure of HIV status and male participation in reproductive health issues. "Ndizvo Zvandiri," which means "This is What I Am," tells the story of Miriam, who discovers that she is HIV positive when she goes to look for antenatal care. Intended to be representative of the challenges that many women in Zimbabwe face, the film chronicles the gender challenges she faces in disclosing her status to her husband, as well as how the couple eventually join hands to protect the future of their unborn child. The film is complemented by a discussion guide to help facilitate discussion on the various PMTCT and social issues portrayed in it.

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