Making the Links: Addressing HIV/AIDS and Gender Equality in Food Security and Rural Livelihoods Programming PDF Print E-mail

DATE: 2005
PUBLISHER: Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development (ICAD)

With funding from CIDA, ICAD has developed a toolkit on addressing HIV/AIDS and gender equality in food security and rural livelihoods programming. The toolkit can be used by program managers and their partners when working in situations where HIV and AIDS prevalence is high. While it is primarily geared towards the CIDA program cycle, the toolkit is also useful to a wider audience including NGOs, particularly those working closely with CIDA. The toolkit includes seven Guide Sheets which present key questions or issues that must be addressed at discrete points in the project or program cycle. The Guide Sheets cover topics such as: considering HIV/AIDS and gender equality issues in results oriented logical framework analysis; performance assessments and guidance on complying with the “Three Ones” principles. The kit also includes four “Tip Sheets” providing a glossary, selected resources and reference to key documents on international commitments and resources. 


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