HIV Counseling and Testing for Youth PDF Print E-mail

AUTHOR: S. Fischer, H. Reynolds, I. Yacobson, B. Barnett, and J. Schueller
DATE: 2005
PUBLISHER: Family Health International

This HIV counseling and testing manual is designed for service providers and counselors working with youth. Approximately one-third of clients who seek HIV testing are youth, and these young people often have different needs than do adults. This 92-page manual provides: step-by-step information for using a counseling and testing model for youth in general or specialized clinical settings; step-by-step information for using the traditional voluntary counseling and testing model with youth; resources to help meet the broader sexual needs of youth, including information on contraceptive options and sexually transmitted infections; information on how to counsel youth and use youth-friendly service approaches; tips and role-plays to use with young people on abstinence, being faithful, and using condoms; and guides for creating a referral network.


The full training manual can be accessed on-line in PDF format in English here, and in Arabic here.

The full training guide can be accessed on-line in PDF format in English here, and in French here.

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