Gender or Sex: Who Cares? Skills-building Resource Pack on Gender and Reproductive Health for Adolescents and Youth Workers - Notes for Training of Trainers PDF Print E-mail

AUTHOR: M. De Bruyn
DATE: 2002
PUBLISHER: IPAS, The AIDS Society of the Philippines, and Health and Development Networks

In 2001, Ipas and Health & Development Networks (HDN) produced a training resource called Gender or sex: who cares? Skills-building resource pack on gender and reproductive health for adolescents and youth workers. These notes were developed for people who wish to train facilitators to carry out workshops based on the Gender or Sex curriculum. They contain ideas and materials that can be used for training-of-trainers (TOT) workshops, as well as materials that TOT trainees can incorporate into workshops for adolescents and youth workers based on Gender or sex: who cares?


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