Draft of Arusha Commitment on Gender and HIV PDF Print E-mail

AUTHOR: Commonwealth Secretariat
DATE: 2003
PUBLISHER: Commonwealth Secretariat & UNIFEM

Report from the regional workshop held in Arusha in March 2003, that resulted in a Commitment from Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda to strengthen National AIDS Councils and gender-specific programming. Hosted by the Commonwealth Secretariat Social Transformation Programme Division, in collaboration with UNIFEM and the Commonwealth Regional Health Community Secretariat, the workshop assisted National AIDS councils in the region to share experiences and strengthen their national response to HIV/AIDS through the incorporation of gender sensitive principles into national HIV/AIDS policies and practices. The Arusha Commitments' key issues are for stronger legislation to protect men and women with HIV/AIDS; that those living with HIV/AIDS become more involved; as well as for more understanding overall of the gendered- dimensions of the epidemic, including data collection and program implementation.

Article can be accessed on-line here.