Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS - UN General Assembly Resolution A/RES/S-26/2 PDF Print E-mail
AUTHOR: United Nations
DATE: 2001
PUBLISHER: United Nations

From June 25-27, 2001, the United Nations held the first ever General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) to address the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The Special Session addressed the pandemic not only as a global public health issue, but also as a looming development and security crisis requiring a multi-sector, multi-front strategy. This Declaration of Commitment, adopted by the General Assembly during the UNGASS on HIV/AIDS, outlines the United Nation's commitment on HIV/AIDS, describes the background of the epidemic, leadership initiatives, prevention as the mainstay of response, HIV/AIDS and human rights, and research and development initiatives, and lays out targets that need to be met in order to address the devastation of this epidemic.

Article can be accessed on-line here.