Cutting Edge Pack - Gender and HIV/AIDS PDF Print E-mail

AUTHOR: V. Tallis, A. Welbourn and E. Bell
DATE: 2002

This publication outlines the importance of utilizing a rights-based approach to place HIV/AIDS within a gendered human rights framework. The report examines the evolving epidemic and critical challenges involved in transforming current programs to a gendered agenda. The knowledge pack offers practical examples of approaches from around the world, aimed at strengthen capacity, advocacy, service delivery, and research through explicitly addressing gender inequality. It contains information on courses, useful websites, networking and contact details for organizations specializing in gender and HIV/AIDS.

Article can be accessed on-line here (supporting resource here) in English PDF format, here (supporting resource here) in French PDF Format, here (supporting resource here) in Spanish PDF Format, here (supporting resource here) in Albanian PDF Format.

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