Approaches for Empowering Women in the HIV/AIDS Pandemic: a Gender Perspective PDF Print E-mail
AUTHOR: G. Rao Gupta
DATE: 2000
PUBLISHER: UN Division for the Advancement of Women, WHO, and UNAIDS for Expert Group Meeting on "The HIV/AIDS Pandemic and its Gender Implications" 13-17 November 2000 Windhoek, Namibia

This is a transcript of Geeta Rao Gupta's presentation which views gender as a culture-specific construct and focuses on issues related to the heterosexual transmission of HIV/AIDS. The dynamics of power are examined within the context of sexuality, defined as a social construction of a biological drive. Approaches to empower women are outlined as part of the aim to combat the power imbalance and inequality in heterosexual relationships.

Article can be accessed on-line here.