Rwanda Grantees

Association des Vueves du Genocide Agahozo (AVEGA)

AVEGA enhances the capacity of HIV-positive widows of genocide to claim and access their property and inheritance rights. AVEGA-trained paralegals in Kigali and South Province continue to sensitize community members; and follow up on identified cases of WPIR violations and provide legal assistance to affected women involved in property and succession disputes. The project also aims to establish community-level mechanisms to protect the rights of genocide widows and orphans, especially those living with HIV.

Project Summary


Reseau des Femmes œuvrant pour le développement rural (Réseau)

Building on the evidence-base collected under the first grant, Reseau continues to build the capacity of women living with HIV to seek and claim their property and inheritance rights; and strengthen the associations created by transforming them into formal cooperatives aimed at reducing women’s vulnerability to HIV.

Project Summary