The Gender Dimensions of HIV/AIDS - Challenges for South Asia PDF Print E-mail
AUTHOR: A. Khanna
DATE: 2005

The present paper attempts to analyze the inter-relationship of gender and HIV/AIDS in the South Asian context. It contains extracts from the regional rapid scan, which involved seven countries of the region, as well as voices from the Regional Consultation. The publication presents an overview of the legal and policy framework and the status of women, describing some key initiatives launched in the region on the relationship between gender and HIV/AIDS. It comes up with a set of recommendations for future action, in the long and medium term, as well as immediately. It seeks to enhance the understanding of policymakers, civil society and other stakeholders on HIV/AIDS - related gender issues in South Asia, which would enable measures aimed at correcting imbalances in social and economic spheres.

Article can be accessed on-line here in PDF format.

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