Gender, Property Rights and Livelihoods in the Era of AIDS PDF Print E-mail

AUTHOR: F. Carpano, K. Izumi & K. Mathieson
DATE: 2007
PUBLISHER: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

This report summarizes the findings of a technical meeting convened by FAO to discuss issues pertaining to gender, property rights, and livelihoods in the era of AIDS. A small group of partners from the UN, NGOs and research institutions addressed the following areas; all of which are discussed in further detail throughout this publication: 1) understanding property rights in the era of AIDS, with some key research findings from regional and country case studies; 2) gender, property rights and livelihoods; 3) legislation, training of the judiciary and traditional leaders, and para-legal training programmes, 4) advocacy, mobilization of grassroots groups/networks; and 5) political dialogue.


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