HIV Priorities for Positive Change: In Women's Words PDF Print E-mail

AUTHORS: Athena Network & the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS
DATE: 2011
PUBLISHERS: Athena Network, the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS, UN Women & UNAIDS

In Women’s Words is a publication that summarizes the outcomes of a global virtual consultation for women and girls in preparation for the UN General Assembly High Level Meeting on AIDS in 2011. The consultation engaged approximately 800 women and girls in over 95 countries and allowed them to share their priorities and visions for the future AIDS response. The consultation was defined by 5 principles: 1) Inclusion of women and girls in decision-making, including the democratization of global processes; 2) Importance of women, girls, and gender equality; 3) Centrality of women’s rights to the success of the HIV response; 4) Political opportunity to define actions and address women, girls, and gender equality in the context of HIV; and 5) Urgency of all Millennium Development Goals to the well-being of all women and girls.


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